.NET Core 3.0 Single-File Apps

Build & Publish Single-File Self-Contained Applications, Then Make Them Smaller!

Self-contained deployments aren’t new to .NET Core, but when you build a self-contained application you typically end up with a massive deployment folder filled with every possible DLL you’d need, and then some. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to avoid that with .NET Core 3.0. Single-File Executables Imagine that the dotnet publish command created just one file rather than creating directory with a few hundred files. With . [Read More]

Run .NET Core 2.2 Apps on Your Raspberry Pi

Install the .NET Core 2.2 Runtime on a Raspberry Pi and Run Your Own Apps

Did you know that Linux ARM32 is an officially supported distro for .NET Core? That’s pretty exciting if you’re at all into IOT or tinkering with Raspberry Pi or other devices. So whether you’ve got a Raspberry Pi you’re using as a desktop, media center, application server, robot, environment monitor, or something else, you can now build & push your own .NET Core code to it and take more control over it. [Read More]