Deploying .NET Core To Linux

Deploy your ASP.NET Core Application To Linux Using SSH & VSTS

This is a part two of my .NET Core on Linux series, if you missed part one check out the first post Hosting .NET Core On Linux. In this article we’ll be setting up a continuous delivery pipeline to ensure that your code is building and deployable all the time. I’ll show you how to use Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to build your code and then set up a release plan to deploy your code to a Linux server via SSH. [Read More]

Hosting .Net Core On Linux

Set Up Ubuntu With Nginx To Host ASP.Net Core Apps & APIs

I’d always wished I could spin up a low cost linux server and throw a website out on it. I’d been secretly jealous of python and node for years. It is also a big reason I’d gotten interested in .Net Core a long time ago. In this article I’ll show you how to set up a new Linux server, configure it for running an ASP.Net Core Web Application or API, monitor it and more. [Read More]